Grades 7-8 - Created for Love

Director of Faith Formation, Grades 7-8
Caitlin Mack

The following is an overview of the curriculum for Grades 7 & 8. Since these are the last two years of Faith Formation prior to entering the Confirmation Program, these students will strengthen their understanding of who Jesus is, the seven sacraments, prayer, and dive into more challenging topics such as the dignity of the human person and the gift of human sexuality. 

Grade 7: Living as a Disciple of Christ 

This year includes four units in which Grade 7 students explore the topics of: 

  • Jesus and the Gospel message: unifying themes in Scripture and an in-depth examination of the four Gospels 
  • Personal growth: the origin, dignity, and destiny of the human person 
  • The Seven Sacraments 
  • Prayer: its elements, qualities, and challenges, ways of praying, and Mary and the saints as models of prayer 

Grade 8: The Communion of the Faithful 

This year includes five units for Grade 8 students to build on their understanding of: 

  • Personal growth: our vocation to love and our responsibilities to God and each other 
  • Morality: conscience formation through prayer and God's gift of an objective moral standard 
  • The Citizen and Government: the natural rights of all persons and the purpose of government 
  • God's Plan for Marriage and the Family: our identity as male and female, purposes and abuses of sexuality, and resisting temptation to avoid sin and grow in virtue 

To learn more about the Spirit of Truth program and to view the Scope & Sequences by grade level please use the following link:



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