Grades 7-8 - Created for Love

Director of Faith Formation, Grades 7-8
Caitlin Mack

The students in grades 7 - 8 use Created for Love as a supplement to their regular program as mandated by the Archdiocese of Boston. This program is a foundational moral theology curriculum highlighting God’s plan for life, love, relationships, and marriage. It is designed to be integrated into the existing religious curricula. Created for Love honors and respects the role of the parent as primary educator of their child in matters of faith and morals.

Grade 7:

Seventh grade students use Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass. This program is a comprehensive study of the Mass and the priesthood. The program includes engaging DVD’s featuring some of the top Catholic youth speakers. A workbook is included to enhances the students understanding of the beauty and mystery of the Mass.

Grade 8:

Eight grade students use Theology of the Body for Teens. This program is a dynamic faith program for middle school students. It incorporated a mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers and references to our culture. It answers students question concerning their bodies, their sexuality, and their future while staying true to their Catholic faith.

Each year our students participate in a Teaching Mass that is led by our priests, deacons and      seminarians. The students come to know how the church building helps us worship God.       


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