Ministry List



Spaghetti Supper Team (Monthly - October through April)

Community members are needed to make sauce and meatballs during the school year for BSU students. 



Bazaar (November)         

Help to run and organize the annual bazaar. We are currently in need of a new chairperson.

Coffee & Donuts (Sunday a.m.)

Make coffee, pick up prepaid donuts, and clean up after the gathering following the 10:00 a.m. Mass.

Giving Tree (December)

Help with the organization and running of the Annual Giving Tree to provide families in need with Christmas gifts.

Giving Tree - Senior Citizens (December)

Help with the organization and running of the Annual Giving Tree to provide seniors in need with Christmas gifts.

Golf Tournament Planning Committee (annual)
Work on the committee to plan and execute the golf tournament, the parish’s biggest fundraiser.

Lenten Simple Suppers (Lent)

Help prepare meatless meals on Fridays during Lent after Stations of the Cross at St. Basil's Chapel 

Rummage Sale (Spring/Fall)

Assist with the organization of the Annual Parish Rummage Sale.

St. Basil Food Pantry (Quarterly)

Help organize and maintain the Food Pantry for BSU students &  community members at St. Basil’s Chapel
Saint Vincent de Paul Food Pantry (Bi-weekly)

Maintain the Food Pantry at St. Thomas Aquinas and provide for those in need. Adults especially needed on Wed. & Thurs. mornings.

Social Committee (Quarterly)

Help organize and run social events for the Parish.

Thanksgiving Dinner (November)

Volunteers help prepare and serve Thanksgiving Dinner for senior citizens.

Women's Club (Monthly)

Participate in social events and fundraising which supports the Parish.



 Baptism (Monthly)           

Provide welcome and support to families of recently baptized children.

Bereavement Group       

Journaling through the grieving process with compassion, empathy, and love.

Bridgewater State Hospital (Monthly)            

Visit patients at Bridgewater State Hospital.

Outreach (As Needed)

Visit our homebound parishioners and provide assistance as needed.

Pregnancy Help (Fall/Spring)

Assist in collecting funds and articles to support pregnant women.

Troops & Veterans Support (Annually)

Assist in the year-round collection and  distribution of items to military troops and VA patients.



Altar Guild (Friday a.m.)                 

Clean Upper and Lower Church and Chapel.

Offertory Counters (Monday a.m. 1x per month)          

Assist with the counting of collections after the weekend Masses.

Protecting God's Children (4x Per Year)              

Provide VIRTUS training through the Archdiocese to facilitate the Protecting God's Children Program.




Altar Servers (Bi-Monthly)                 

Serve Mass on a monthly basis. Training provided.

Candlelight Rosary Procession (Monthly)            

Assist with the coordination of the procession which is held on the 13th of each month from May to October.

Environmental Committee - Altar, Flowers (periodically)

Assist in enhancing the altars at St. Thomas and St. Basil during the liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (3x Per Month)

Assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass.  Training provided.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion / Homebound (as requested)

Assist in the distribution of Holy Communion to the Homebound.   Training provided.

Greeters & Ushers (Weekly)

Greet, answer general questions, guide parishioners to seating, take collections and tidy up the church after Mass.

Lectors (2x Per Month)

Proclaim the Scripture readings and prayers of the faithful during Mass.

RCIA (October through  April - Weekly)

Share faith with and mentor adults coming into the Catholic Church.




Christmas Pageant (December)        

Help to organize and run the Annual Parish Christmas Pageant.

Easter Egg Hunt (Spring)                 

Help coordinate the Parish Easter Egg Hunt for  children.

Faith Formation Stampers (Weekly during school)

Volunteers stamp Mass attendance cards after Mass for students in Grades 2 & 10 from September-May.

Faith Formation Teachers and Hall Monitors  - Grades K though 10 (Weekly - Sept. to May)

Volunteers provide faith formation for children in Grades K-10 through various roles including Lead and Co-Teachers, Substitute Teachers and Hall  Monitors.

Vacation Bible Camp (Summer)

Help organize and support our one week summer Bible Camp  Program.

Youth Group Leader Volunteers (Monthly)

Help the Youth Minister to plan and run various Youth Ministry events.





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