Growth in Stewardship

Now is the time to move from maintenance to mission -- Now is the time to invest and grow

I hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas season. I write to you in the first weeks of this new year about our upcoming Growth in Stewardship Initiative. The Grand Annual Appeal taken last fall was a ONE-TIME donation to support identified special parish projects, whereas the Growth in Stewardship Initiative is a weekly or annual commitment of time, talent and treasure in support the parish.

Time/talent: You have received a commitment card that lists many opportunities where you can contribute your time/talent in helping our parish to continue and maintain the incredible momentum that we’ve created over the past few years.  Time is one of the most valuable gifts we can give.  If you would like to volunteer and didn’t volunteer last fall during our Volunteer Weekends, we ask you to complete the enclosed card. You will be contacted by the head of the ministry.

Treasure: Five years ago we launched our first Growth in Stewardship Initiative and we asked parishioners to review what they contributed in the weekly offertory collection. Our collections increased. Although we were advised to ask people to make a commitment each year I decided to forgo last year’s commitment because we had done so well in our Annual Appeal that year. True to word, our Sunday collections went down which led to the Parish Finance Council to recommend reinstating the Commitment weekend this year.  I am hoping to accomplish three objectives with this year’s Growth in Stewardship Initiative:

1.   Ask you to once again reevaluate what you contribute each week and make a commitment again.  The enclosed card provides some guidance. If possible, I’m asking you to consider increasing your weekly contribution. Please know that I’m very grateful for whatever you can contribute.

2.   I’d ask you to consider using electronic pay if you’re not already doing so.  In addition to being convenient, it helps stabilize our finances especially during times when you may be away. This payment method provides pay receipts which, if you choose, you can place in the collection. It also eliminates the cost of envelopes. You can make electronic payment using the WeShare option on our website  A generous parishioner has donated two Red Sox box seat tickets which will be placed in a lottery for those sign up for new electronic giving.

3.  Perhaps most importantly, we are really hoping that we can increase the number of new families/persons who are willing to make a financial commitment.  Presently only 15% of registered families have made a commitment to financially support our parish and ministries.

Please complete the Intent Form indicating your commitment of time/talent and treasure that you can make this year and return it by Commitment Weekend on February 2nd & 3rd.

Yours in Christ,
Father Bill





Growth in Stewardship Initiative


Stewardship calls us to share our time with God and one another. Are we making time for prayer? Do we make Mass a priority? Do we volunteer our time to help the needy, assist in the parish, or just spend time with the lonely?



Being good stewards means being generous with the gifts we have received. Do we respond to God's goodness by sharing some of the blessings he pours out upon us with our parish and the needy? Consider supporting our parish with online giving by using  WeShare


God has given each of us many talents, how are we called to share those with our community?  Whatever your talent, you received it for the benefit of others as well as your own. Pray about how you can use your talent to benefit those around you and whether you are called to participate in any of our parish ministries.

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