Requirements for Attending Mass

The following list is intended to let you know the precautions we are taking to provide a safe, clean worshipping space as well as the social distancing guidelines that will enhance everyone’s safety. Be assured that the church/chapel will be cleaned with authorized disinfectant following each Mass


  • In order to limit social gathering and allow time to seat parishioners, those attending Mass should arrive no earlier than 30 minutes and no later than 15 minutes before the start of Mass.  Our seating capacity, based on social distancing guidelines, is limited so we may have to turn people away if we have reached capacity.
  • One entrance:  Church will be front right side entrance except for those needing to use lift. Chapel: Entrance/exit through front doors only. 
  • All parishioners must wear masks. There are several exceptions, such as: children under the age of two, and people with underlying health conditions. The wearing of masks for children between the ages of 2-5 is based on the parents’ discretion.
  • Parishioners should bring their own hand sanitizer if possible. The church/chapel will have limited supply. 
  • Parishioners must maintain 6 feet of social distance between each other at all times. This does not apply to families that live in the same household. 
  •  Appropriate social distancing spaces will be designated (blue X’s) on the floor and benches. Ushers will provide guidance.
  • Everyone will enter church/chapel using main/center aisle and leave church using side aisles.  Those in rear of church will leave first.  
  • There will be no sign of peace, offertory collection or singing during Mass.  Boxes for financial contributions will be available as you enter/leave church. 
  • Special instructions on receiving Holy Communion will be presented before each Mass.
  • To prevent close contact, the priest will not process in or recess out of the church.
  • Public gatherings before or after Mass are not permitted outside church/chapel.

While all of this may appear to be “strange,” it allows us to pray together, receive the Eucharist and be safe. 


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